In Year 5 we are studying the Vikings.  Vikings were people who came from Norway, Sweden and Denmark, collectively known as Scandinavia.  We know lots about the Vikings including why they raided monasteries (Lindisfarne being the first) and what weapons they used.  We know about some of the Anglo-Saxon kings (Alfred the Great, Ethelred the Unready and Edward the Confessor) and what they tried to do to stop the brutal invasions, including the introduction of Danegeld which translates as ‘paying the Dane’ which was literally paying the Vikings to go away!


Today, we were lucky enough to become Historians and explore Viking Artefacts. We handled them carefully and asked questions such as: ‘What is it made from?’; ‘What could it be?’ and ‘Who might’ve used it?’.  After our explorations, we chose 2 objects and we completed a museum information card with our findings!