Our School Vision


To develop a learning community for all: with individuals at its heart. A community which is a stimulating, creative and supportive environment which recognises, celebrates and values the worth and achievement of each individual. We want to develop the whole person as an inspirational, trustworthy and responsible citizen who is equipped with the skills, knowledge and understanding for their future.


Our School Aims


In Biddick Hall Junior School we aim to produce an atmosphere of

 industry and purpose in which our children will be happy, secure and enthusiastic about learning.


We aim to develop and encourage high personal standards and good social

behaviour in school and in the wider community.

We believe education should be an enriching time for children. We aim to give them experience of a variety of teaching methods and to provide a broad range of resources

 for learning, inside and outside the classroom.

We aim to provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum within the framework

of the National Curriculum, as well as to provide spiritual guidance,

 which will benefit the education and development of individuals.

We aim to prepare our children for secondary education; helping them to

communicate effectively through language and number; equipping them with

study skills and helping them develop lively, enquiring minds.

We believe all our children are special and we have the highest ambitions

for them, whatever their aptitudes and abilities.

We aim to treat all individuals equally, regardless of race, religion, gender, social , group or disability.

We intend to create within school a warm, caring and welcoming atmosphere

for pupils, parents and staff.