Year 6 visited Shipley Art Gallery in Gateshead on Tuesday 16th April. We had a thoroughly enjoyable trip where we completed a workshop based on texture and materials. It was interesting to study cotton and wool and feel the consistency of both materials. We then went into a workshop area where we separated wool finely to make a 3D backdrop and then added some brightly coloured wool to express our creativity in the form of landscapes or animals for example. We covered this next with white mesh and then added warm soapy water. We firmly pressed this down to create a flat felt like image and peeled off the mesh: it left a funky coloured artistic felt pattern design which was them left to dry. It was great fun to work with this different Art medium. We also had the opportunity to explore the rest of the art gallery and loved seeing an incredible painting that showed Jesus washing his disciples feet prior to the last supper. It was lovely to appreciate different art forms and experience a trip to an art gallery.