Our DT project in Year 5 was to create a stuffed toy.  We had to design something for a younger child and take this into account during our planning.


First, we drew our designs and annotated them with what colours and stitches we’d use as well as any additions such as ears, spots or spikes.

Next, we made our template on card.  We only needed the outline of the main shape and the outline of any appendages we were going to add. These were carefully cut out.

Then, we pinned our templates to our felt.  We had 2 layers of felt (one for the front of the toy and one for the back) which made it tricky to cut out.

After that came the sewing!  Our first stage was to stitch any details onto the main body of one of the pieces of felt.  We then used a blanket stitch to join the front and back together, making sure we left a gap for stuffing.

Next we stuffed the toy using a pencil to push it through into the toy, making sure it filled any corners.

Finally, we used blanket stitch to close the hole we used for stuffing.


We are really pleased with our end results – what do you think?

Download (PDF, 467KB)