The health, safety and wellbeing of your child(ren), staff and our wider community is of the upmost importance to us and we will have this at the forefront of our minds in everything we do and plan to do. This has been a very unsettling time for us all but rest assured that we have taken on board the
guidance that has been issued and we have worked hard to devise and carry out a full risk
assessment specific to our school on all the issues that need addressing.

This page will contain all of the documentation and risk assessments that we have done in preparation for re-opening school in accordance with government policy and associated guidance.

NEW Risk Asssessment Updated January 2021

Download (PDF, 707KB)

NEW Risk Asssessment Updated December

Download (PDF, 685KB)

Risk Assessment Information Updated November

Download (PDF, 684KB)


 Information about September

Download (PDF, 173KB)

Download (PDF, 734KB)

Risk Assessment for September


Download (PDF, 506KB)


Download (PDF, 599KB)

Download (PDF, 453KB)


Letter to parents  

Download (PDF, 580KB)

Behaviour Guidelines for Students NEW

Download (PDF, 301KB)



Letter to parents

Download (PDF, 470KB)

Behaviour Guidelines for Students

Download (PDF, 301KB)

Information for Y6 parents

Download (PDF, 563KB)

What to expect when you come back into school


Buildings Risk Assessment NEW FOR SEPTEMBER

Download (PDF, 732KB)

School Risk Assessment NEW FOR SEPTEMBER

Download (PDF, 599KB)


Letter to parents of pupils in Years 3,4 and 5

Download (PDF, 561KB)

Letter from Governors

Download (PDF, 243KB)