Year 6 Christmas Delights!

Year 6 designed and made Christmas stampers using polystyrene tiles, we then created our own Christmas wrapping paper using paint and brown paper to sell at our Christmas fayre.

To work out what profit the school could make we calculated how much each sheet had cost (including paint) and what we would could sell them for.


We also created some hot chocolate reindeer gift packs.  These contain hot chocolate power, chocolate drops and marshmallows – everything needed for an amazing hot chocolate drink!

Christmas Baubles!

Year 6 were exceptionally lucky to have a visit from craft company who came in to work with the children to decorate ceramic baubles.  It was great fun and the children tried extremely hard.

The Stars Are Coming Out For Christmas!

This year the children in year 5 and 6 performed a play called ‘The Stars Are Coming Out For Christmas’.  The choir and actors put a lot of effort into learning the lines of the play and the songs.  We were very impressed with the children’s efforts and behaviour throughout.  We would like to thank any parents or carers who came to watch and support the children, we hope you enjoyed it.

Year 6 Greek Pots

We have discussed the ways in which we know about people who lived in Ancient Greek times.  Year 6 researched, designed and made Greek pots.  When they are dry, we will be painting and decorating them to show aspects of Ancient Greek life.

Year 6 football tournament at Boldon School

The Tyne Bridge!

Year 5/6 Design and Technology club have been investigating structures and have been constructing models of the Tyne Bridge. They had to build secure bases to support the towers and then investigate how to create the through arch bridge supported between the towers.

Year 6 visit The Word

During the week beginning 3rd April, all year 6 classes visited ‘The Word’ in South Shields to become ‘App Builders’ for the day.  We had a great time and created some excellent ‘Apps’ on the subject of ‘Keeping Healthy’.  Additionally, we were given a tour of The Word.  We were able to look at the books in the library, we visited the ‘Story Lab’ and we watched a 3D printer at work!  We also made keyrings which were laser-cut.  We had a fantastic day out and are looking forward to putting our skills to use back in school.