Rugby in Year 5!

On Wednesday 1st November, 3 squads of 12 children went to Boldon School to take part in a Rugby Tournament.  The children played extremely well, developed fantastic team skills and had exemplary sportsmanship.  One of our teams – Team B came first in their group, receiving a medal each.  The other two teams came second in their groups.  A great result!



On Monday 17th July Year 5 went on a trip to the National Trust property Gibside.

The Tyne Bridge!

Year 5/6 Design and Technology club have been investigating structures and have been constructing models of the Tyne Bridge. They had to build secure bases to support the towers and then investigate how to create the through arch bridge supported between the towers.

Year 5 Rugby Tournament at Temple Park

2 teams of Year 5 children participated in a tag ruby tournament on Wednesday 29th March.

The children showed flair in attack and determination in defence.  All the children had lots of fun even though they did not progress to the knock out stages. Hopefully this experience will encourage them to try the sport again in the future.

Technology Tom visits Biddick Hall Junior School

Y5 had a visit from Technology Tom to work on a design and technology project.

The children were challenged to construct a siege machine that could be used to overcome a castle’s defences.

The children came up with many ingenious ways of constructing siege towers. Some included platforms that could be lowered and raised using pulley systems. Other groups designed siege towers that had working catapults mounted on them!

Charlotte’s Web inspired maths – Year 5

The children had to draw their own spider’s webs with a focus on:

  • Measuring lines and labelling them using decimals.
  • Thinking about the angles such as the type of angle and how they could estimate and measure them.
  • Finding different shapes and naming them and their properties.
  • And thinking about questions that could be linked to a web, such as, “How much silk would be needed if a spider was to weave your web?”

Our planetarium experience!

We were visited by The Centre for Life on Tuesday 24th January and they brought their inflatable planetarium!

We had an hour session where we saw the moon, stars, constellations, planets and galaxies.  We were told how many light years things were away from us which we were astounded by!  We also were able to share lots of things that we already knew about space from our science lessons.

Year 5 visit to the Laing Art Gallery

Friday 20th January

Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle.


We took a tour around the gallery and enjoyed looking at the different paintings, carvings, sculptures and pieces of art work, discussing what we liked and didn’t like about them.


Our workshop was a sculpture workshop and we started by discussing abstract and realistic sculptures and their features.  Fran, our guide, told us that we’ be focusing on abstract sculpture and to get us warmed up we had to make body sculptures!  She showed us a picture and in our groups we had to make a sculpture of it.  Them we had to do a rough sketch of our partner in an unusual stance.  Our sketch was then turned into a clay sculpture which we made piece by piece and moulded together.


We had a great day and came back to school full of ideas and creativeness!

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