Year 4 Multi-skills at Temple Park!

Year 4 attended a Multi Skills Festival at Temple Park Leisure Centre. The children took part in lots of mini games including skittles, long jump, dribbling, throwing and hoopla. Great fun was held by all and the children were impeccably behaved.

Tinsel and Tea-towels!

Our Year 3 and 4 children loved performing their Christmas performance to all their parents and carers.

Electricity visitor in Year 4

On 14th November Year 4 were visited by Bob Knox from the electric board. He exposed the children to plugs, sockets and wires and the dangers involved in them. He spoke about substations and staying safe around pylons and high voltage electricity.

Year 4 visit Jarrow Hall

Year 4 had a very interesting visit to Jarrow Hall.

We enjoyed finding out about about an Anglo Saxon Village. We found out about the farm and sampled riddle telling and traditional biscuits around the fire in the Grand Hall.

We dressed up as warriors and recreated our own battle.

We told the story of Beowulf and looked for Anglo Saxon treasure.

Year 4 visit All Saint’s Church

Year 4 went for a visit to All Saints Church as part of their RE studies.

Egyptian Life!

Year 4 had an amazing visit from That History Bloke Richard. We had a great session learning all about Egyptian life. We had great fun finding out how to mummify a body which included removing major organs from the body and storing them in Canopic Jars.  We even had our own class Pharaoh. We handled artefacts and finished our session writing Egyptian hieroglyphics. We are now Egyptian experts.

Year 4 bridge building!

In Year 4 we found out about different bridges. We looked at pictures of famous bridges and wrote about the materials they were made from and their uses. We investigated how we could join art straws and lolly sticks and how we could make materials stronger. We used all of this research to design and make our own bridge.

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