Year 4 bridge building!

In Year 4 we found out about different bridges. We looked at pictures of famous bridges and wrote about the materials they were made from and their uses. We investigated how we could join art straws and lolly sticks and how we could make materials stronger. We used all of this research to design and make our own bridge.

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4CL visit The Word

4CL were invited to visit The Word.

We were given a guided tour of the building, we saw the library, a 3D printer and the telescopes which gave a wonderful view over the River Tyne.

We went into the new Open Zone and worked with Lego.

We made different models and then programmed them to do tasks using sensors and motors all linked to laptops.

We had a look around the exhibition dedicated to Sir Ridley Scott who has directed films such as Alien and Bladerunner.

Anglo Saxon visitor in Year 4!

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Year 4 enjoyed learning more about the Anglo Saxons when we were visited by two people from Durham Oriental Museum. We enjoyed looking at artefacts from Anglo Saxons times and we also wrote using quills just like Anglo Saxons monks would have done.

Musical instruments

During their science lesson year 4 have been learning about sound. They enjoyed making their own musical instruments from junk modelling.

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Bede’s World

As part of our study of the Anglo-Saxons we visited Bede’s World to enrich our curriculum.

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