Year 3 visit The Word.

This week, Year 3 visited The Word to take part in a Lego WeDo Programming Workshop.  The children thoroughly enjoyed building Lego models and then programming them to make them move.

Year 3 Kreative Kitchen

Year 3 Kreative Kitchen

As part of our Healthy Lifestyles Week, children were treated to a Kreative Kitchen workshop where they were able to prepare and eat foods from the Mediterranean. Children in Year 3 had a fantastic time and tried foods they had not tasted before – as you can see from some of the expressions, the olives didn’t go down too well!

Year 3 Tag Rugby Tournament

Year 3 Tag Rugby Tournament

The bad weather may have cancelled the Year 3 Rugby Festival at Whitburn School but it did not stop us holding our own Rugby Tournament at Biddick Hall Junior School. The children in Year 3 were split into six teams of nine and played against each other in a number of matches, giving them the opportunity to show off the skills learned during their coaching sessions. They battled against the rain and Team 2 were declared the overall winners.

Year 3 Arbeia Trip

Year 3 visited Arbeia Roman Fort to end our topic on the Romans. We had an amazing time – children were given the opportunity to take part in an archaeological dig to find objects from the past; they were put through their paces in soldier training by the Centurion, Maximus and also sketched artefacts from the museum to produce a frieze for school.

Our Italian Treat

As part of their geography study of Italy Year 3 enjoyed a trip to an authentic Italian restaurant to sample some Italian food. They thoroughly enjoyed their Italian experience!


Y3 Divali Visitor

As part of our RE topic we had a visit from someone who told us all about Divali. We even had the chance to wear some traditional costumes!DSCN0105