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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to the Biddick Hall Junior School website.

At our school we believe it is important to form partnerships with parents.We intend to create within school a warm, caring and welcoming atmosphere for pupils, parents and staff.

We aim to produce an atmosphere of industry and purpose in which our children will be happy, secure and enthusiastic about learning.


Mrs Michelle Collinson.

Head Teacher


Year 6 visit The Word

During the week beginning 3rd April, all year 6 classes visited ‘The Word’ in South Shields to become ‘App Builders’ for the day.  We had a great time and created some excellent ‘Apps’ on the subject of ‘Keeping Healthy’.  Additionally, we were given a tour of The Word.  We were able to look at the books in the library, we visited the ‘Story Lab’ and we watched a 3D printer at work!  We also made keyrings which were laser-cut.  We had a fantastic day out and are looking forward to putting our skills to use back in school.

Year 6 visit Eden Camp

On Thursday 30th March year 6 travelled to Eden Camp in North Yorkshire.  Although it was a long journey, it was really worth it.  We enjoyed walking through the different huts which showed us information about life during World War Two.  We particularly liked the Blitz hut and the U-Boat hut.  They were noisy and smoky!  We also watched a puppet show to experience entertainment in the 1940’s.  We had a great day out.

Year 5 Rugby Tournament at Temple Park

2 teams of Year 5 children participated in a tag ruby tournament on Wednesday 29th March.

The children showed flair in attack and determination in defence.  All the children had lots of fun even though they did not progress to the knock out stages. Hopefully this experience will encourage them to try the sport again in the future.

Technology Tom visits Biddick Hall Junior School

Y5 had a visit from Technology Tom to work on a design and technology project.

The children were challenged to construct a siege machine that could be used to overcome a castle’s defences.

The children came up with many ingenious ways of constructing siege towers. Some included platforms that could be lowered and raised using pulley systems. Other groups designed siege towers that had working catapults mounted on them!

Are you a ‘Smartie’ Pants? Y 6

Each group were given a tube of Smarties and they had to create a table/graph of their results and then work out fractions of each colour.  They then had to answer questions linked to their results such as, “How many tube of Smarties would I need to buy if I needed 100 orange Smarties?  How much would it cost? How many Smarties of each colour would there be if all tubes were identical? How many green Smarties in 20 tubes?  How many more red than orange? etc.

The children then had to use Smarties to decorate a fairy cake. After that, they had to use scaling to calculate questions such as, “How many of each colour for 5 identical cakes/10cakes/a class full of cakes/year group/school?”

Charlotte’s Web inspired maths – Year 5

The children had to draw their own spider’s webs with a focus on:

  • Measuring lines and labelling them using decimals.
  • Thinking about the angles such as the type of angle and how they could estimate and measure them.
  • Finding different shapes and naming them and their properties.
  • And thinking about questions that could be linked to a web, such as, “How much silk would be needed if a spider was to weave your web?”