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At our school we believe it is important to form partnerships with parents.We intend to create within school a warm, caring and welcoming atmosphere for pupils, parents and staff.

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Mrs Michelle Collinson.

Head Teacher


Healthy desserts in 5LR!

In Golden Time in 5LR this week we made healthy desserts.  We used different flavoured low fat yoghurts, grapes, strawberries, pineapple, apple and banana with some rice cereal and rich tea biscuits to add crunch!  We all loved making them and then we enjoyed our healthy desserts whilst reading.

Sign to Sing!

Imagine living in a world where you cannot communicate with the people around you, from your doctor to someone in a shop. That’s what the world is like for many deaf people. Deaf people can often feel isolated, unable to access information and advice that can help them live happy and healthy lives.  Something hearing people take for granted.

On Tuesday 6th February, with the help of Mrs Walls, we took part in sign2sing.  sign2sing is an annual event, organised by the Deaf Health Charity SignHealth, which raises essential funds to help vulnerable deaf children and adults by helping them access help and advice on the things that matter to them in their own language – Sign Language.

We learned the song ‘Friends Forever’ with the simple signs and performed it as a school in our assembly where parents and carers came to join us.

We collected £105.75 for this worthy charity. Thank you for all your continued support.

Y3 Laing Art Gallery!

As part of Creative Week, Year 3 children had the opportunity to visit the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle to take part in a Thomas Bewick inspired Printing Workshop. The children had great fun creating their impressive prints and enjoyed their activity trail around the gallery.

Year 4 Multi-skills at Temple Park!

Year 4 attended a Multi Skills Festival at Temple Park Leisure Centre. The children took part in lots of mini games including skittles, long jump, dribbling, throwing and hoopla. Great fun was held by all and the children were impeccably behaved.

Y3 Bench Ball!

On Thursday 25th January, 18 Year 3 children visited Boldon School to take part in a bench ball tournament. They all tried extremely hard and showed great sportsmanship and enthusiasm. Overall, both teams finished in 2nd place. Everyone had a great time and staff were very proud of their fantastic effort.

Y5 create 3D key rings at SSS!

The children in Year 5 were invited to SSS to use a computer programme to create key rings which were going to be actually made using the 3D printer!  We were really pleased with our results and impressed with how clever the 3D printer was.

Year 6 visit to Hatton Art Gallery

On Monday 23rd January, Year 6 visited the Hatton Art Gallery as part of Creative Week. Our artist was also linked to our WWII study unit.

We learned: Adolf Hitler, born Austrian, was a keen art lover and as a younger man tried to study Art in Further Education but was not accepted on the courses he applied for. He continued to take an interest in Art and as he rose to Nazi leader, a German man, Kurt Schwitter began to be noticed in the Art world. He produced art work that was quite rare at the time basing it on collage effect. Schwitter was anti-Nazi and during Hitler’s takeover he even produced anti-Hitler pieces which once were heard about angered Adolf! In response to Schwitter, Hitler himself put together an exhibition of Schwitter’s work and said that the pieces were NOT art and were terrible. With such animosity brewing, Kurt had to flee Germany to avoid Nazi punishment. He hid on a tiny island in Norway, living in a hut with his family and once Germany conquered Norway he them had to escape to Britain.

Kurt Schwitter became a war refugee, firstly being sent to Scotland. After a stint in Edinburgh he was sent to a refugee camp on the Isle of Man where he was housed to keep him safe. Here he met many friends and continued his love of art despite the hardship of having moved countries several times during WWII.

He then moved to Ambleside where he lived in a terraced house and was given a barn as a studio to do his art work in. He would walk around the Lake District where he’d find pebbles, wooden items etc. and added them to an art wall, making a 3D collage. The same wall of the barn is now housed in Hatton Art Gallery, Newcastle, where we have visited.  Its appeal is appreciated by many art critics and lovers. His work based on randomness, luck and chance is named ‘Merz’ artwork. The word ‘Merz’ itself means nothing, infact he found the letters from a cut-out of a paper and liked the randomness of the letters. Some call his work a form of Dadaism – a term linked again to randomness. Kurt Schwitter died of illnesses one day after being granted British citizenship in 1948, three years after the end of the war.

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Year 5 Dodge Ball Tournament.

On Tuesday 16th January, 30 year 5 children visited Boldon School to take part in a dodge ball tournament. We all tried extremely hard and showed great sportsmanship and enthusiasm but unfortunately were defeated. We all enjoyed ourselves and Mrs Walls and Mr Eddon were very proud of our fantastic effort.

Year 5 visit The Word!

Year 5 children visited The Word 15.1.18 and 17.1.18 and worked hard on robotics. We programmed a robot called EVE 3 to perform various commands and we also built out own lego robots and programmed them too. We worked extremely hard and our behaviour was fantastic.